Loft Conversion Project

This project involved completely renovating a loft in a mid-sized terraced house. This newly renovated loft space adds an additional bedroom, two very large cupboard spaces, and serves to significantly increase the value of the property.

The room is constructed mainly from low-cost 3x2 timber, and finished with a pine balustrade & matching cupboards. There was a foldable ladder installed initially. This was later replaced by a custom built staircase during the renovation of the bedroom below. The original cream carpet was replaced after the staircase was finished.

The loft eaves serve as large cupboard spaces with automated internal lighting. The main room lights are controlled using touch / IR remote electronic dimmers.

There were several side objectives to the project also:

  • Install a Velux window & repair the roof.
  • Take the opportunity to replace all upstairs wiring back the consumer unit.
  • Install hidden conduit for TV cabling, and install LAN & aerial sockets.
  • Build a custom TV unit to match the room furnishings (Illustrated right).

The project was completed in May 2006. The new staircase was added in June 2007.
The project photos are shown below.

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Updated: Tue 18th Dec 2018

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