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PlasmaLED was a flash based website used to demonstrate some applications and basic operating principles of LEDs. Various LED related projects were presented on the site while it was online from 2004 - 2005.

Illustrated below is a project that was completed in 2004, just prior to building the PlasmaLED website. This project was undertaken during the last year of school, with only a very basic understanding of electronics. The project involved modifying an old Xbox Original game console with LED lights, and was the sole motivation for the website.

The Xbox mod incorporated 60 additional LEDs, including 4 tri-colour (blue/red/green) that are controlled by the eject button on the front panel. The mod also included HDD & LAN activity LEDs, and a built-in IR receiver for DVD playback.

There are also photos from an older Xbox mod project below, showing a modified DVD drive with an acrylic sight window. This project also has a few other modifications that can be seen in the photos.

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Updated: Tue 18th Dec 2018

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