University Eng. Project: Multi-Function Bench Power Supply

This project was to design & build a prototype for a marketable electronics product during the 2nd year at university. The chosen project, named "Multi-Function Bench Power Supply" was a concept for a four-in-one bench device for use in laboratory environments. This ambitious project and all supporting documentation was completed in under 7 months.

The four main aspects of the project were designed individually:

  • Multi-Rail Regulated Power Supply
  • Universal Function Generator
  • Dedicated High Precision DC Voltmeter
  • Resistance / Capacitance Substitution with unique Parallel Change-over.

The simplistic design of each major feature of this project makes it a cost-effective & space saving supplementary solution for essential bench laboratory equipment. Although originally aimed at students due to its low-cost design, this Multi-Function Bench Power Supply offers some competitive features that would normally only be seen on expensive bench equipment used by professionals. See the full project report for more details.

The project was completed in March 2012.

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Updated: Tue 18th Dec 2018

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