Academic Projects

Below is a list of projects completed for educational purposes, such as those completed for a university or college course. Projects are listed reverse chronologically.

Performing Engineering Operations

"The best student we've had in 6 years" - David Fairbrother (Mechanical Engineer / tutor) This was a one year course with Alliance Learning Academy, Bolton. The training was completed during one-day release from school between 2004 - 2005. The course covered three primary... read more.

Updated: Tue 21st Nov 2017
Multi-Function Bench Power Supply

This project was to design & build a prototype for a marketable electronics product during the 2nd year at university. The chosen project, named "Multi-Function Bench Power Supply" was a concept for a four-in-one bench device for use in laboratory environments. This ambitious project... read more.

Updated: Tue 21st Nov 2017
Electrical Installation

This was a two year course at Blackburn College, completed in 12 months due to previous training with Alliance Learning Academy, and experience with VELDEN Engineering. Top of the class, and achieved high enough merit to advance onto a National Diploma in Electrical / Electronic... read more.

Updated: Tue 21st Nov 2017