On-going Projects

Below is a list of currently on-going / incomplete projects:

  • PlasmaWeb Software, PHP based web software & complete CMS, built from-the-ground-up for business users - Coming Soon!
  • NotepadLIVE, an online code development platform. Create, edit, & share your code online for free! - On-hold.
  • NeatHTML.com, a PHP based HTML neatifier! - LIVE! See here. Under continuous development.
  • PlasmaPC, an online store for custom-built & specialist PCs - LIVE! See here. Under continuous development.
  • Self-build firewall / gigabit router / Wifi access-point project - Under development
  • Enterprise grade rackmount file server system for use as distributed storage - Completed! - See here.
  • Home automation / central entertainment system, using a single 15U rackmount system; provides entertainment for as many as 24 independently controlled screens, connected via HDMI, or via any standard gigabit LAN system - Under development, requires further funding
  • Sky HD / Freesat HD media server system, with up to 12 independent satellite feeds; this unit could simultaneously stream 12 Sky HD / Freesat HD channels directly over any standard gigabit LAN system, and be viewed on any PC, MAC, Home Theatre PC, or media player connected to the network - Under development, requires funding
  • "The Mystery Man", a mystery novel by Daniel K. Jones - On hold to focus on other projects
  • www.danielkeithjones.com - Under continuous development (currently v4.0.1 RC2)

Many of the projects listed above may still be under early development stages, however if you are interested in getting involved / sponsoring a project, please get in-touch. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Updated: Tue 18th Dec 2018