Site Changelog

v4.0.1 RC2 --- 20th April 2015

* Moved to dedicated hosting, some features added, some dropped.

v4.0.1 RC --- 3rd July 2013

* Updated PHP version.
* Improved site security.
* Other minor changes & fixes.

v4.0.0 RC2 --- 19th May 2013

* Domain Transfered to
* Added Flattr button.

v4.0.0 RC --- 11th May 2013

* Added discrete Disqus comments to all project pages.
* Added 'Fit to Window' button to articles.
* Added new projects: Custom Radiator Cover, Office Refurbishment.
* Other minor changes & fixes.

v4.0.0 BETA --- 8th May 2013

* Added login page for database administration.
* Added embedded front-end text / HTML editor to all pages; a pre-release of NotepadLIVE.
* Removed all whitespace from page urls, added subsequent 301 redirects to the server.
* Changed site-wide timezone to local BST / UTC.
* Updated pages: Home, About, Contact, PlasmaPCs project page.
* Updated asynchronous loading script.
* Updated plugins: JQuery, JQuery UI, ShareThis, Colorbox, JScrollPane, mousewheel, Highcharts.
* Improved site performance & security.
* Other minor changes & fixes.

v3.2.0 RC --- 28th Jan 2013

* Converted site to fluid layout.
* Added JavaScript to detect browser width, and snap to fluid width if wider than 1366px. When resized to 1366px width or less, the site will snap back to static width.
* Added JavaScript functions to resize certain elements based on fluid page width.
* Added callback to Rhinoslider function. Checks for 1st slide after animation cycle, destroys the slider instance if matched, reinitialises it, fires the before/after plugin again.
* Fixed Rhinoslider 1st slide z-index issue with before/after plugin. Now supports embedded JavaScript, without sacrificing link capabilities.
* Moved project page JavaScript to footer. Improves page loading times.
* Moved HTC One L project to new page.
* Updated Loft Conversion project page.
* Improved Article main pages.
* Updated style & layout of all TCPDF convertor scripts. Much nicer PDF documents.
* Cleaned-up stylesheets.
* Other minor changes & fixes.

v3.1.2 RC --- 10th Jan 2013

* Replaced Facebook comments with Disqus.
* Added social buttons: Tweet, G+1, LinkedIn Share.
* Added asynchronous loading script to all social buttons. Reduces loading time significantly, and prevents page-breaking during load.
* Updated Facebook Like button. Added hack to hide comment-box pup-up.
* Fixed JavaScript fadeout bug in Opera.
* Fixed bug with LinkedIn button causing JavaScript scrollbars to fail in < IE9/Opera. Button replaced for a linked image when Opera user agent detected. Conditional comments used for IE.
* Fixed prev/next positioning bug in IE 6 & 7.
* Other minor changes & fixes.

v3.1.1 RC --- 7th Jan 2013

* Added DeviantArt social link.
* Updated main page footer.
* Moved some CSS styles to dynamic stylesheets. Improves page load times.
* Updated Contact page.
* Fixed bug with server-side filemtime showing less than filectime on articles.
* Added server-side JavaScript / CSS compression.
* Added new caching scheme to static files.
* Added new site icon set.

v3.1.0 RC --- 6th Jan 2013

* Fixed bug with defined dynamic hostname.
* Fixed bug with dynamic sitemap.xml generator script.
* Fixed bug with undefined previous & next project on live site.
* Added footer social links: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, ShareThis.
* Improved Article Index menu on articles.
* Converted Recent Articles list on articles to dynamic layout based on size of Article Index menu.

v3.1.0 BETA --- 5th Jan 2013

* New base.
* Improved dynamics of website layout. Most of the site content is now generated dynamically by the server.
* Complete new dynamic menu. Lists in order of most-recently created/modified pages. No longer uses simple_html_dom. Significantly reduces page loading time.
* Removed need for static project index pages. Project index pages now populated dynamically by the server, in-order of most recently created/modified.
* No longer using simple_html_dom on project index pages. Significantly reduces page loading time.
* Switched to dynamic CSS theme.
* Updated sitemap page to generate dynamically based on site contents. Sub-directories are displayed in-order of most recently created/modified.
* Added new dynamic XML sitemap for search engines.
* Added script to find the previous & next project, and print their links onto each project page.
* Moved ongoing page to root to improve dynamics.
* Re-named project main directories.
* Updated articles created/modified script.
* Added Google Analytics script to all pages.
* Fixed bug with recent articles counter script.
* Updated licencing of all pages, includes, and custom scripts.
* Updated robots.txt

v3.0.2 RC --- 31st Dec 2012

* Updated server date format & changed site-wide timezone to UTC.

v3.0.1 RC --- 30th Dec 2012

* Fixed bug with PHP shorthand arrays used to populate the site.
* Updated PHP to 5.4.

v3.0.0 RC --- 29th Dec 2012

* Complete re-design. New page layout, new menu layout.
* Removed many static pages from the design.
* Added social integration.
* Added new project: NeatHTML Website.
* Added new section: Articles.
* Added new articles: Building a Website with PHP, Get up-to-date with HTML5, Building a Website? Know Your Browsers, Dealing with IE.
* Added SyntaxHighlighter to article pages.
* Added script to generate pdf version of projects & articles; using TCPDF.
* Updated home page.
* Updated about page.
* Updated ongoing page.
* Updated Dropfile. Integrated into site layout.
* Improved IE < 9.0 compliance.
* Added redirect to prevent hotlinking of certain image types.
* Added 404 ErrorDocument page.
* Added site blacklist/firewall script.
* Removed unnecessary Download CV link from header.
* Implemented site-wide gzip compression.
* Updated favicon.
* Updated CV.

v2.0.0 RC --- 21st Oct 2012

* Started changelog.
* Slight re-design.
* Removed messy image based page structure.
* New dynamic menu system using simple_html_dom.
* Added page: Dropfile (Beta).
* Added page: Where to Find Me.
* Updated all project pages.
* Updated CV.