About this website

This website is used as an archive for some professional & personal projects, and as a personal playground for web-development. Below are some screenshots of this website's front-end text / HTML editor; a pre-release version of one of my On-going Projects; NotepadLIVE.


Everything you see was hand-coded by myself (save for some JQuery plugins) over the period of several weeks.

The site is periodically updated with new features, completed projects, articles & tutorials, and experimental web-developments. I converted the site to HTML5 in July 2012; to take advantage of some of the additional benefits that HTML5 provides, while also maintaining XHTML compliance to ensure compatibility with older browsers.

Technologies: Valid HTML5, Dynamic CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, JQuery UI, PHP5, MySQL

Please take the time to look through the Portfolio & Articles sections of the website.

Contact Me if you are interested in my services. I can offer anything from basic website maintenance to complete re-development.

Website Updated: Fri 28th Dec 2018 - v4.0.1 RC2 - Changelog